ConfigMgr 1602 Update – Install

Hi !

Today’s blog post will be pretty quick and simple. We will go through the installation of ConfigMgr 1602 Update installation on a ConfigMgr 1511 infrastructure.

Get & Install the update:

First things first, we need to get the update, if you go to Administration\Overview\Cloud Services\Updates and Servicing you’ll see and empty screen as no update is yet available. To make it available you’ll have to run the following script from Microsoft:

Once this script is executed on your primary(ies), you’ll have to do the following:

  • Restart SMS_DMP_Downloader service from Configuration Manager Service Manager





  • Monitor download from dmpdownloader.log





  • Wait for the update to be fully downloaded and run Update from Updates and Servicing






That’s it, pretty straight forward installation process and fairly simple.

Feel free to comment if you have any comments.

See ya !

David Gaillard

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